Thank you for your interests in Adopting one of our OOAK dolls today!

Please contact us at to inquire about the doll that you would like to adopt into your collection. 


1.  Payment plans - we offer a LAYAWAY payment plan to all of our customers:

           .  at any given time, no customers are allowed to have more than THREE dolls on layaway.               .  each layaway must be fulfilled within a period of 6 months.  Any exceptions must be                         approved by Doll Artists.

           .  if layaway is not fulfilled within a period of 6 months, the customer is thereby forfeit                         their interest in the doll and any payments they have submitted. 

              No Refunds shall be issued!

2.  Payment methods - at this time, we accept payments in the forms of: 

           . checks - made payable to HUY TRAN & mailed to

             4425 Louisiana Street 5, San Diego, California 92116

           . Paypal -

‚Äč3.  Upon completing the layaway, the customer shall have the 

     opportunity to give a special name to their newly adopted doll.

     This given name shall be officiated in the COA - Certification of Adoption,

     embossed with our OOTB logo!